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Perfect Picnic Pours

Perfect Picnic Pours

There’s nothing but blue sky, not a sound but birds chirping, you’re sitting on fresh green grass, you’re in great company and you have no shoulder ache …
Wait. What?
That’s right, everyone’s smiling because no one’s had to carry a weighty bottle (or two) of wine around in their bag until you could finally settle and agree on the perfect picnicking spot. Don’t worry, we’re in no way suggesting you didn’t bring any at all – you were just savvy about it.
This summer, we are pleased to introduce our fellow wine lovers to IGO Organic Rosé brought to us by the Pol Roger Portfolio. If you came to the Hereford Wine Festival back in June, you may remember trying this delicious wine and if you’re racking your brains to remember – it was the one in the can.
Yes, wine in a can!
It may sound strange but this beautifully balanced, refreshing rosé is breaking all boundaries as it quickly becomes this summer’s perfect accompaniment to warm days/nights. Each aluminium can is 250ml which makes a generous serve for one or ideal for sharing between two. It is 100% organic and once opened and enjoyed, the can is fully recyclable. You can purchase just one of these here or a perfect pack of 4 here.
Not a rosé fan? Don’t worry. If you know us at all by now, you’ll know we’ve got something for absolutely everyone.
Another of our favourites this year is the Two Good range containing a zesty Australian Chardonnay and a smooth, rich Californian Malbec. Not only are these two delicious wines that will pair perfectly with your picnic, BBQ or party food but they also come in ideal 50cl sizes which is the exact amount for two large glasses.
We have many more half bottles and miniatures of wine, spirits and even non-alcoholic so whether you’re sharing a mini Malbec, popping your own fizz or cracking apart a 4 pack of organic rosé this summer, you’ll think how pleased you are that you read this blog post just in time.
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