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Saxtys Wines Due Diligence checks are carried out in line with the Alcohol Wholesaler Registration Scheme (AWRS).

We are registered under this scheme and our AWRS Unique Reference Number is XVAW00000100734.

AWRS details can be found at www.gov.uk/guidance/the-alcohol-wholesaler-registration-scheme-awrs.

In line with this guidance and in the aim of protecting the Company against alcohol fraud, Saxtys Wines Limited undertakes reasonable and proportionate checks on both it’s supplier of alcoholic products, wholesale customers and transport companies engaged by the Company for the distribution of said products.

Saxtys Wines Limited routinely undertakes regular reviews of its entire supply chain and requests that it’s trading partners notify and updates us in a timely manner any changes to the details held in relation to (but not exclusively) –

  1. Business structure and ownership
  2. Trading and registered address
  3. Website and email contact address
  4. Banking details
  5. VAT registration
  6. AWRS status
  7. Trade reference updates

Prior to trading with our partners, we may request completion of trade application forms together with the submission of our potential partners’ Due Diligence policies and procedures including company information and detailed checks may be undertaken on the information provided on a risk assessment basis. These checks must be completed before trade can commence. All business must be undertaken leaving a digital audit trial and we only accept or make payment via bank transfer (cash transactions are not permitted).

All our records are maintained in a digital format behind the required firewalls and are encrypted to be saved or for onward transmission to designated authorities. We expect our trading partners to respect this and maintain the same security levels when dealing with our Company information.

We reserve the right to report any and all suspicious behaviour from any of our trading partners to the necessary regulatory body in a timely and efficient manner.

Any further information required can be requested using the details below:

Saxtys Wines Ltd
39 Widemarsh Street

Tel: 01432 357872
Email: accounts@saxtyswines.co.uk
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