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James Eadie Whisky

James Eadie was rarely in a hurry. Taking time to do things properly was just his way. And fortunately, his approach to making Whisky was no different. So when Rupert Patrick, his great-great grandson, decided to revive his ancestor’s famous James Eadie’s Trade Mark ‘X’, the same slow, methodical approach was required.

First, he tracked down Mr. Eadie’s ledgers, and discovered a forgotten blend of today’s most sought-after malts and grain. Then, he sampled one of the last surviving bottles from the 1940s with a panel of experts. Finally, he invited Norman Mathison, one of Scotland’s finest Master Blenders, to bring James Eadie’s Whisky back to life. The result is an elegant, peaty dram which offers a rare glimpse into the art of blending from the first Golden Age of Scotch Whisky.