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Matthew Juke's Best Wines For 2021

Matthew Juke's Best Wines For 2021

Matthew Jukes has included four of Mentzendorff Wines in his 50 Best Wines of 2021 report, including a perfect 20/20 score for Hidalgo Pasada Pastrana.

2016 Roda I Reserva, Bodegas Roda (18.5/20)

“it is hard to think of a Spanish red to compare with this cosmic creation. Stunningly well-made, from the epic nose to the profound palate, the oak, fruit and depth of flavour is nothing short of astounding. While it is a baby, it is perfectly balanced and can be enjoyed right now, too. This is a prodigious Wine that will run for a decade with ease, and it is a true vinous gem that deserves to strut its stuff on the very best dining room tables in the land.”

2018 Klein Constantia, Vin de Constance (19.5++/20)

“For a start, the colour is incredibly pale – think a young Sancerre! But the viscosity is amazing when you pour a glass because the liquid moves ever so slightly slower and more deliberately into the glass. The lights come on, and the brain fires up immediately, and it takes you by surprise just how quickly your olfactory system senses that you are in the presence of greatness.

The perfume and palate combine in an astral haze of delight with orange blossom, fig, lemon verbena, wild hon­ey and acacia notes caressing your senses. The texture is super-smooth, incredibly long and unnervingly gentle. It certainly possesses the longest finish I can remember on a Vin de Constance, and I have, very fortunately, tasted a huge number of vintages of this wine. If you have never tasted this wine before, please start with this vintage – it will blow your mind. If you have and you are a fan, this is a critical purchase for your collection".

NV Hidalgo, Manzanilla Pasada Pastrana (20/20)

“You may have seen me extolling the virtues of this stunning dry Sherry before because I am a lifelong fan of Pasada Pastrana, and it is the least expensive wine in the world to which I have awarded a perfect 20/20 score in my wine notes. Searingly dry, minutes-long on the palate and epically refreshing, this is, without doubt, the most dynamic and invigorating aperitif Sherry of all.”

NV La Gitana, Vermut, Bodegas Hidalgo (18/20)

“This insanely delicious Vermut is made using a 19th century Hidalgo family recipe. It employs Oloroso Faraon and Pedro Ximénez Triana, both of which have been aged for 12 years in hundred-year-old casks. This ‘sherry’ is then blended and infused with aromatic herbs for a further 6 months. Served over ice with a splash of chilled soda water, this is a mind-boggling aperitif drink that loads verdant botan­icals over a deep, throbbing sherry core. It is sensational and a total an utter bargain to boot.”

Source: Mentzendorff

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