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The Best Pink Champagnes For 2022

The Best Pink Champagnes For 2022

A Square Meal article on the best Rosé Champagne has selected both Ayala Rosé Majeur and Bollinger Rosé as perfect gifts for special occasions.

Ayala Rosé Majeur Champagne: “Winemaker Caroline Latrive’s beautiful, pink-tinged wine has intrinsic elegance on account of the Chardonnay grapes that go into the blend, but it’s also generous owing to a decent glug of top cru Pinot Noir from the Montagne de Reims.

Fresh herbs and strawberries on the nose lead into a restrained palate hinting at red berries and freshly picked peaches on the palate, with a persistent mousse and a generous finish gilding the lily.”

Bollinger Rose Champagne: “This is a champagne gift that demands to be cracked open immediately. To paraphrase Lily Bollinger, “I drink it when I’m happy. I drink it when I’m sad. Otherwise, I never touch it… unless I’m thirsty.”

Bollinger is a brand that has become synonymous with James Bond and its aphrodisiacal qualities have been on regular display throughout the novels and films. Bollinger Rosé is a superb new addition to the portfolio, demonstrating flavour, finesse and fullness on account of a weighty dose of reserve wines.”

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