Pol Roger Pure Extra Brut NV 75cl Champagne Gift Boxed 12% ABV


An expression of the diversity of terroirs, this Non-Vintage Champagne is born of the perfect balance of the three traditional regional grape varieties, blended in equal proportion. Pol Roger carefully selects reserve wines drawn across at least three years to gain the right balance of flavour and structure necessary for an undosed Champagne.

Absolutely bone dry. Wonderfully clean and crisp in the mouth: elegant, fine and well-structured with subtle mineral tones, and aromas of honey and cloves.

The colour is a dense gold with a fine mousse. The fresh and lively nose expresses a fine, complex register of cloves and roses, developing into hints of breadcrumbs, yeast and citrus fruit. The wine is surprisingly clean and crisp in the mouth, after such a mature, concentrated nose. This gives the wine extra depth and contributes to its good length.

A svelte and shapely wine, its inherent freshness combined with the mature and concentrated bouquet makes it particularly suited to shellfish, crayfish and seafood in general.

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