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Roku Gin & Tonic

Roku Gin & Tonic

Enjoy Roku Gin & Tonic, blessed by Japan’s four seasons. A Japanese Gin & Tonic is served with ginger to complement the distinctive Yuzu / Sakura top notes. The serve places the guest at the centre, delighting at every moment to create a memorable experience.

In tune with the spirit of Omotenashi, they have created the ROKU® perfect serve. This is more than a simple Gin & Tonic, it is a ritual. An exceptional experience made blissful & memorable through attention, respect and honour.

The Roku serving ritual showcases Japanese craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail in both respect for the liquid as well as the importance placed in the moment it is served to customers. It takes a lot of care to perfectly execute the Japanese Gin & Tonic.

Vessel: Highball glass
Ice: Cubed
Garnish: 6 x ginger sticks

25ml or 50ml Santory Roku Gin
120ml Chilled tonic water

Fill the highball glass with ice.
Pour the Roku into the glass and add the ginger slice.
Top up the glass with the chilled tonic water.
Carefully stir to blend the ingredients.

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