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Mount Gay Rum Madeira Cask Expression #5

Mount Gay Rum Madeira Cask Expression #5

Mount Gay Rum has just announced its newest expression as part of its Master Blender Collection. Now on to its fifth edition, this Maderia Cask release was crafted by the distillery’s Master Blender Trudiann Branker and is a celebration of over 300 years of rum making.

Trudiann Branker has been the Master Blender for Mount Gay since 2019.  Branker said, “since I have taken over [as master blender] one of the things I really have been able to, in regards to expressing my creativity and showing the house of Mount Gay, is the Master Blender’s Collection.”

Mount Gay rum madeira cask expression #5 will be releasing this month, this expression is unique because it is a column still rum, Traditionally, Mount Gay blends pot and column for its rums, for this year’s release, Trudiann Branker looked to Madeira, the beautiful Portuguese island off the coast of Morocco, that has made an iconic fortified wine for more than 300 years. She placed the liquid in seasoned Madeira wine casks six years ago, carefully observing how the rum aged over time.

Branker explains “the Madeira Cask was chosen because the two profiles do marry each other so well, it seemed like a natural marriage and after 6 years it was definitely a successful one!”

The Madeira Cask Expression was bottled at 55% ABV and was non-chill filtered. The result is a velvety and generous blend that unfolds with every sip. The liquid has deep golden hues and the nose showcases pear, oak, grapefruit, vanilla and butterscotch. On the palate, the bold column distilled rum is married with the subtlety of Madeira wine notes from the barrel, including honey, grapes, pear, citrus rind and dried fruit.

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