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Great Results For Bollinger R.D. 2008 At WFW

Great Results For Bollinger R.D. 2008 At WFW

Some great coverage has come in this week in the World of Fine Wine for Bollinger R.D. 2008. Anne Krebiehl MW has written about the unforgettable dinner event and, of course, the magnificent cuvée.

Bollinger R.D. 2008

  • A notion of salty shortbread full of buttery richness opens the nose, followed by a citrus intensity of both lemon and fresh navel orange peel and rich hints of grilled hazelnut
  • More swirling brings out the telltale creaminess alongside overtones of rye bread and white pepper
  • The palate carries the serene sleekness and cool poise of 2008, but as the wine warms, Bollinger’s legendary creaminess comes to the fore, allowing glimpses of future glory with each little aromatic bubble burst
  • At first, nose and palate diverge, but with time and increasing temperature, the electric freshness and innate energy of Bollinger 2008 converge with a pronounced saltiness and a more accessible richness
  • This will age more gracefully than any of us.

Awarded: 98 points

Bollinger R.D. 1979

  • Hints of Parmesan rind, dried cèpe mushroom, stewed duxelles, wet chalk, and bitter fir honey immediately signal a mature wine
  • The palate opens with intense saltiness but is still very fresh
  • The mousse is gentle and reveals a fabulous richness of fruit—almost of apricot—with more hints of that dark, aromatic honey and salt
  • A very long finish is a lasting vision of savouriness and umami

Awarded: 95 points

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