Vilafonte Series 'M' 2016 75cl 14% ABV


Vilafonte is the coming together of great wine experience from California and South Africa; Mike Ratcliffe (founding trustee of the Cape Wine Auction), Zelma Long (former head winemaker at Robert Mondavi) and Dr Phil Freese (former vice-president of Robert Mondavi). The vision that brought together the three founding Vilafonte partners, is the culmination of a life-long dream. An uncompromising determination to produce wines of complexity, structure and longevity which stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the great wines of the world. Nothing less

This sensuous wine embodies the refined style and dignified elegance produced by selected vines planted on the vilafontes soils. A Malbec and Merlot dominant blend, opulent in nature, with a defining structure of Cabernet Sauvignon. Malbec provides black fruit and a fleshy texture, while Merlot adds softness and red fruit. Each vintage; a snapshot of Mother Nature at her best. Cellared and matured for enjoyment in years to come.

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