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Pussers Gunpowder Proof Spiced Rum 70cl 54.5% ABV

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Pussers Gunpowder Proof Spiced Rum

Prior to the introduction of the Sikes Hydrometer, in 1816, the Purser of a ship (or Pusser) tested the strength of the daily issue by mixing neat rum, with a little water, to which was added a few gunpowder grains. When the mixture was heated through a burning glass, the gunpowder ignited, and the rum was served at that strength. The method was tested by hydrometer and it was found to be 109% proof or 54.5% ABV. Consequently, the rum remained at Gunpowder strength, 109% Proof, until the daily issue was terminated, on 31st July 1970, known as Black Tot Day.

This superb rum has been chill filtered and aged for a minimum of three years in once used charred oak bourbon barrels and then mellowed with a subtle blend of Caribbean spices. These include banana, vanilla, cinnamon and a hint of ginger which produce an incredibly smooth spiced rum with deep flavours and rich amber colour. Can be enjoyed neat, on the rocks or in a cocktail.

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