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Old J Spiced Rum Silver 12 x 5cl 35% ABV

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Old J Spiced Rum Silver 12 x 5cl

A case of twelve 5cl miniature bottles of Old J Silver. This infuses the classic Old J Taste with Premium White Rum to give a fresh twist on the original taste and launching as the world's first white spiced rum.

Old J Silver Spiced Rum retains some of the main flavour notes of Old J original, keeping the smooth toffee, sweet lime and heady vanilla hit. However for Old J Silver, the heavy spicing of the other Old J styles have been toned right down to allow the more subtle un-aged white rum to shine.

Old J Silver Spiced Rum will add an extra element to any white rum based cocktail. It's great for light summery cocktails like a Mojito, Mai Tai, or Porn Star Martini. It blends very easily with simple fruit mixer serves such as Passion Fruit and Ting.

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