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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Rye Whiskey 70cl 45% ABV

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Jack Daniels Single Barrel Rye Whiskey

This whiskey is made by the same process as the standard No.7 but benefits from 6 years ageing (18-24 months longer than standard No.7). The barrels selected for this bottling are drawn from the top racks of the warehouse where, due to larger temperature variations, the ageing effects are greater. A century and a half in the making. This historic creation marries the smoothness of Jack Daniel's with a unique 70 percent rye grain bill. Complex flavours of ripe fruit mingle with light toasted oak notes to create a taste rich with spice and a pleasant lingering finish. This is a big, bold rye that does not overpower. Mr Jack would have been proud to put his name to it.

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