Cotswolds Single Malt Whisky 70cl 46% ABV

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Cotswolds Distillery use traditional production processes and equipment to produce their Single Malt. Locally-grown malted barley is milled and then mashed in 0.5-tonne mash tun, mixing the milled grain with hot water to produce worts. Yeasts are then added. Fermentation for more than 90 hours in order to generate plenty of fruity flavour compounds alongside the alcohol produced. Then the distillations begin. First, in the wash still (Mary), and a second in Janis, the spirit still. In the spirit run, Cotswolds only select a small section "the heart cut" which is taken unusually early in the distillation to capture the fruity notes and avoid the heavier, rougher elements that appear at the end of the run. The end result is a light, colourless, fruity new make spirit. This is diluted to 63.5%ABV and put into casks to mature. This release has been aged for just over three years, and is bottled non-chill filtered, with no added colouring, at 46%ABV.
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