Bathtub Gin - Old Tom Gin 50cl 42.4% ABV

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The Old Tom Gin in the Ableforth series is the very definition of what an Old Tom style gin should be. A slightly sweetened, traditional style of gin that was very popular in 18th and 19th century England. Sweet on the nose from the liquorice root, with a sugary mouth feel and a lingering finish. It has a slightly earthy warmth but the sugary element brings out the citrusy, juniper note.

Old Tom got its name from an unusual dispensing method used by London gin houses.

A tom cat-shaped plaque would be hung outside where passers-by could drop a coin in the animal's mouth. The proprietor would then dispense a shot of gin from a tube under the cat's paws.

This almost-forgotten style of gin is perfect in sweet gin cocktails, it's how the classic Tom Collins got its name - and makes a tasty G&T.

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