Xiaman Artisanal Mezcal 70cl 44% ABV


A Xiaman is the keeper of traditions, and responsible forthe balance between men, nature, and the spiritual world. With its delicate balance and soft aroma, Xiaman mezcal represents the best of Mexico's heritage now offered to the world.

Xiaman is a blend of two agaves, 50% Tepextate agave and 50% Espadín agave. Tepextate is a wild agave that requires 25 to 30 years to properly mature, while the Espadín agave is harvest-ready in 3 to 8 years.

Xiaman Mezcal is an ensemble blend of two equal parts of agaves, Tepextate and Espadín, and thus provides a perfect balance between the complex flavours of the Tepextate agave and the rich aromas from mature Espadin.

Xiaman Mezcal is a very sensual spirit dedicated to detail and quality.

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