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The Manhattan Cocktail 50cl 34.7% ABV

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A massively complex and pleasingly aromatic Manhattan made with a perfect blend of vermouths from The Handmade Cocktail Company. An instant classic, ready to enjoy almost instantly. The Manhattan features a classy recipe of brilliant 7 year old rye whiskey, top quality vermouths and a secret blend of bitters.

Musty, intense, wine-like nose with notes of cigar boxes and rich pipe tobacco. Hints of Sherry, candied peels and allspice develop in the glass.  In the mouth, it is curiously herbal, an oily palate with delightful waves of rosemary, stewed fruit and vanilla. Toasted spices and cracked black pepper, with a hint of olive oil. Citrus appears later.  The finish is long, herbal with notes of orange and hints of dessert wine. A little cedar on the tail.

The concept of the ‘Vintage Cocktail’ range is simple – you get all the ingredients for a superb cocktail pre-mixed, all you have to do is pour it over ice, stir, then strain off into your glass and garnish.  Each bottle carries a stamp showing its year of manufacture.