The Gin Martini Cocktail 50cl 42.3% ABV


A lovely balance of gin and vermouth, with a refreshing yet spicy character. 

Made using the very best copper pot-still gin and a very precise amount of top quality dry vermouth. Mixing the vermouth with the gin before bottling not only makes this very easy to serve, but it has the added benefit of maintaining freshness.

On the nose, oily juniper, lemon peel, hints of cardamom, nutmeg and liquorice. In the mouth, fruity, spicy palate entry, offering up notes of violet and berry fruits. The tang of the gin is prominent, complimented beautifully by the softly herbaceous vermouth, which offers a sophisticated wine-like character to the mouthfeel.  The finish is long, spiced and tingling with juniper berries and cinnamon.

The concept of the ‘Vintage Cocktail’ range is simple – you get all the ingredients for a superb cocktail pre-mixed, all you have to do is pour it over ice, stir, then strain off into your glass and garnish.  Each bottle carries a stamp showing its year of manufacture.

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