Taylors Vintage Port 2016 75cl


The weather patterns in 2016 had great effects on the character of this vintage port. Their owe their elegance, crisp acidity and magnificent tannins to the relatively cool conditions throughout April and May followed by a dry, hot summer and some rainfall in mid-September. The first grapes were picked at Taylor's Quinta de Vargellas on the 17th of September. 

This port carries delicious notes of pure, intense woodland fruit with accents of green apple, fresh plum and raspberry. There are some deeper notes of cedarwood and jasmine that provide further complexity along with the linear tannins that lead seamlessly to the mid-palate. 

This port should ideally be decanted as it is a vintage which means it will have formed natural deposit at the bottom of the bottle. It will continue improve for decades so if you wish to store it, lie it down in a cool place. This will pair deliciously with walnuts, blue cheeses, figs and apricots. 

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