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Pink Marmalade Colour Changing Gin 70cl 42% ABV

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Pink Marmalade is a marriage of traditional ultra-premium distillation techniques and modern exciting flavours. This striking variation uses the same 13 choice botanicals paired with the ‘Butterfly Pea’ flower. The result is a majestic colour changing gin which turns from a cool blue to a subtle rose pink.

Pink Marmalade gin marries pink marmalade, with grapefruit and pink peppercorn, alongside a selection of ten, specially selected botanicals (see below) to create a dry, zesty and wholeheartedly premium product. Each botanical in Pink Marmalade gin serve their own purpose, with ingredients such as almond creating a creamy undertone whilst our zesty mixture of grapefruit, orange zest and pink peppercorns give it a unique kick. The rest of our classic botanicals then tie this together to create a premium, well rounded, yet excitingly unique spirit.

Pink Marmalade Gin is the mark of truly premium spirit. A citrus, yet velvety flavour, with a sipping experience that lingers and evolves long after each taste – whilst creating an eye catching, yet subtle colour change right before your eyes.

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