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Old J Spiced Rum Miniature Quintet 5 x 5cl 40% ABV

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Old J Spiced Rum Miniature Quintet 5 x 5cl

A cute set of five Old J Spiced Rum miniatures:

1 x 5cl Old J Spiced: A secret blend of 11 spices, sugar, vanilla, lime, and rum. Aromas and flavours of cinnamon, toffee, sweet vanilla, and zesty lime.

1 x 5cl Old J Silver: The same secret blend as Old J Spiced, but the level has been toned right down to allow this subtle unaged white rum to shine through.

1 x 5cl Old J Gold: Deliciously rich and sweet with a good whack of toffee and vanilla.

1 x 5cl Old J Dark: Vanilla and Persian lime with a dose of dark aromatic bitters.

1 x 5cl Old J Cherry: Old J Spiced with the added infusion of Maraschino cherry.

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