Monkey 47 Schwarzwald Dry Gin Miniature 5cl 47% ABV


Delightful miniature 5cl bottle of this curious gin from the Black Forest in Germany. Made with 47 botanicals and bottled at 47%, they also use a 'secret weapon typical to the Black Forest' in the mix - cranberries. Hits of fresh citrus and ripe juniper on the nose followed by a vegetal and slightly wooded finish that's extremely complex and robust. A big kick of rewarding flavour greets the palate with a clean mouth feel. Foresty and aromatic flavours continue across the entire palate until you are left with an exotically perfumed and flowery finish.

The old apothecary style bottle complete with cork stopper and hand-drawn label have garnered recognition worldwide and brought Monkey 47 Gin nine design awards.

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