Luc Belaire Fantome Rare Sparkling Rosé 75cl 12.5% ABV - Luminous Bottle

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The limited-production Fantôme (French for "phantom") edition of the Belaire Rare Rose features a luminescent label that's easy to activate. Just turn off the lights, hit the power button underneath the bottle and enjoy the show!

Luc Belaire Rose is hand-crafted from a blend of the three grapes Grenache, Cinsault and Syrah - each of them bringing something special to the Cuvee: Grenache adds body, warmth, and hints of blackberry and blackcurrant. Cinsault gives Belaire's nose an aromatic cherry blossom on the nose as well as a silky texture to the finish. Finally, Syrah is responsible for Belaire's lovely colour, roundness and richness.

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