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Hotel Starlino Aperitivo Gift Set 3 x 10cl 17% ABV

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Hotel Starlino Aperitivo Gift Set 3 x 10cl

This delightful Hotel Starlino Aperitivo Gift Set contains three 10cl bottles of delicious Starlino Aperitivos made with a blend of natural fruit, herbs and spices.

1 x 10cl Starlino Rose Aperitivo: A zesty and complex blend of Italian pink grapefruit, lemon and orange with an intriguing bittersweet botanical distillation

1 x 10cl Starlino Rosso Vermouth: A traditional red Vermouth di Torino aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for a rich, spicy aroma and flavour

1 x 10cl Starlino Arancione Aperitivo: An Aperitivo made with Italian orange and lemon peel and herbs and spices

This set makes six different cocktails, including the Rose Spritz, Arancione and Tonic, Negroni and Manhattan.

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