Hennessy VS Cognac 70cl Gift Pack with 2 Tumblers 40% ABV

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A gift pack containing a bottle of Hennessy VS, one of the world's most famous Cognacs, and a pair of cognac glasses to share it from. A benchmark VS from one of Cognac's 'Big Four' producers, this is popular the world over for its elegant style and consistent high quality. Demanding in its creation, yet immediate in its tasting, Hennessy V.S maintains its unique style across time. Is a blend of some of the finest Cognacs aged between 2-5 years and matured in Oak barrels. On the nose, Hennessy Very Special brings together an intense and fruity character with oaky notes. On the palate, powerful flavours suggest grilled almonds, supported by notes reminiscent of fresh grapes. The finish is full bodied with aromas of hazelnut and floral followed by undertones of vanilla and red berries. The gift pack features two quality branded tumblers, perfect to enjoy Hennessy neat, mixed or in cocktails

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