Fiorita Treviso Prosecco DOC 75cl

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Fiorita tells the story of a family and their love for working the land and growing grapes. Vines have been their lives for three generations and with this passion and care, they produce a complex Italian masterpiece with dazzling intense aromas. 

Since the 60s the passion for wine, care for the vineyards and the indigenous grape varieties that truly represent the territory have been passed on from grandfather Luigi Cescon to his son Giovanni then on to his grandson Walter. They have always believed in nature, honest human labour and a search for quality deeply rooted in tradition but ready to innovate and make the best use of technology. Over the years they have enhanced the grapes from their vineyards by making important investments and have gone from wine grape growers to renowned wine makers.

The San Martino estate is located in the splendid luxuriant land crossed by the river Piave. This magnicent territory, set between the Dolomites and Venice, is home to all the outstanding viticulture in the province of Treviso.

Through the Charmat method and the addition of the yeasts, we obtain the Prosecco Fiorita Treviso Extra Dry. An elegant, complex Italian masterpiece which possesses intense aromas evocative of white pulp fruits (ripe apples, pears and bananas) complemented by hints of almonds and brioche. A rich and delicate taste, laced with harmonious fruitiness and a dry finish.

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