Dactari "I Dream of GINi" German Gin 50cl 40% ABV

I Dream of GINi is an amazingly well-balanced original German gin with a floral and slightly sweet aroma. On the palate, it presents mild notes of different flowers paired with a classic herbal juniper character. In the finish, GINi satisfies the taste buds with peppery notes without losing the juniper feeling. Due to the sweet and floral character of the gin, I Dream of GINi should not be enjoyed with tonic waters that are too sweet.

Thanks to the pretty bottle wrapping, I dream of GINi is ready to be given to your best friends as a present or just ready to unwrap and enjoy!

I dream of GINi by Dactari is named after the '70s TV show "I dream of Jeannie". While Jeannie is a good genie in a bottle, Dactari's GINi stands for a good spirit in a bottle. It features a very interesting bottle design, along with an interesting subtitle too "I Dream of GINi", a play on words referring to the 1970s sitcom �I Dream of Jeannie.�

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