Chase Two x 70cl Bottle Original Potato Vodka and Naked Chase Apple Vodka Gift Set 40% ABV


An elegant Chase presentation double door gift box containing 2 x 70cl bottles of the famous Chase potato vodka.

1 x 70cl bottle of the original Chase Potato Vodka - the world's first super premium English potato vodka. It tastes beautifully smooth, soft and naturally sweet. It's distilled five times in a handcrafted copper pot and through a unique 70ft copper rectifying column on the Chase farm in Herefordshire. Voted 'Best Vodka' 2010 in the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition.

1 x 70cl bottle of the Chase Naked Apple Vodka. Made from Chase's own English cider apples, it tastes fantastically pure with a note of fresh apples on the nose. Perfect for vodka connoisseurs who are looking for something unique and quintessentially English. On the Nose: Fresh apple notes. Very subtle soft, warm, aroma. In the mouth, plump stewed apple with brown sugar notes and on the finish, slight caramelised sugar, and an apple pie note.

An idea spirit gift for someone who appreciates the finer things in life!

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