Bristol Classic Rum Bristol Black Spiced Non Vintage Rum 70cl

This is not your usual sweetened spiced rum, this is full on classic dark rum, with a lovely mixture of heady spices just like alcoholic Christmas cake. Bristol Black Spiced is a unique blend of young 3 year old Mauritius White Rum and 6 year old Caroni dark rum from Trinidad. Unlike other spiced Rums, Bristol Black eschews the use of vanilla and artificial sweetening agents in favour of a less commercial but more authentic approach. The two rums are blended with a secret mixture of ingredients which includes black strap molasses, salt liquorice and orange zest. Aromas of citrus fruit, fruit cake, treacle and orange zest lends a sweet, tart quality balanced by a long, soft, liquorice-laden finish. A warming and indulgent spirit, this is a delicious occasion drink that is perfect sipped on its own as a digestif or even paired up with fruit cake desserts. Presented in a branded Gift Tin

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