Bollinger La Grande Annee Rosé 2005 Champagne Gift Boxed 75cl 12% ABV

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A very lively yet balanced Wine-like Champagne, presented in a stylish Bollinger Gift Box. Classic and refined. Pinot Noir wine from La Côte aux Enfants in Ay is added to the Grand Annee to give this beautifully structured, complex, mature, biscuity Rosé.

A light salmon-pink colour with delicate orange hues, there are strong red fruit and peachy notes along with aromas of fresh bread, gingerbread and cinnamon with woody and floral notes. The delicious red berry and redcurrant flavours continue on the palate and combine with fresh blossom and a subtle citrus zest, to leave a lasting long finish. This is a wonderfully complex rosé from a tough vintage and a wine that will certainly age well.

Madame Bollinger agreed to a Bollinger rosé under one condition: it had to be extraordinary. Thus, this distinctive blend between a great vintage champagne and a red wine from an exclusive plot. This unique vineyard is one of the few to contain extremely rare ungrafted vines, which produce more intense and flavourful wines with better ageing potential. To produce a red wine of such high quality in the champagne region is a challenge. The resultant La Grande Annee rosé is a rare treat and a true Bollinger.

La Grand Annee are classic and complex Pinot Noir dominated Champagnes, powerful yet refined with the ability to age beautifully. They are produced only when a harvest reaches a perfect balance. It is Bollinger's interpretation of an exceptional year, whose virtues deserve to be brought to the fore, and whose quality ensures the continued production of the house's outstanding prestige vintages. Wines of exceptional quality are therefore needed from the outset: grapes used in making La Grande Annee vintages come from 100% Grands and Premiers Crus and are vinified to reveal a harmonious blend which portrays the characteristics of a remarkable viticultural year.

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