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Bivrost Niflheim Arctic Single Malt Whisky 50cl 46% ABV - First Release

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The highly anticipated Norwegian Whisky from Bivrost! Introducing Bivrost Niflheim Arctic Single Malt Whisky.

On the nose Niflheim displays the classic bourbon coconut and vanilla notes but then comes the sweet honey as an afterthought. On the palate this is a rich whisky with a deep and lingering finish. The sherry kicks in bringing a roundness to the whisky and gives an excellent balance with rich, sweet, orange, dried fruit, chocolate and tobacco notes. The use of small casks has enabled this whisky to mature beyond its youth. Enjoy it neat or with just a splash of water.

Bivrost Niflheim Single Malt Whisky is based on Nordic barley and pilsener Malt. The yeast is Brewers yeast, Saccharomyces eubayanus (Lager yeast). The water is sourced from the local spring, which receives melted glacier water from the Lyngen alpine range. The wash is distilled 3 times in Aurora Spirit’s bespoke copper pot/column still. Average distillation time ranges between 8 – 10 hours, average strength heart collected of undiluted new make is around 75%abv. The Whisky was stored in carefully selected sherry casks (2 times) and bourbon casks. It has been allowed to mature for the required three years in underground storage vaults, which were previously part of a network of tunnels in a Cold War NATO base.

 Bivrost Nidavellir Whisky. Register for news and updates of the second release here

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