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Bivrost Blot Artic Herbal Liqueur 20cl 35% ABV

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Bivrost Blot Artic Herbal Liqueur.

A common practice in ancient Viking times was to make a sacrifice – known as blot. A blot could be dedicated to any of the Norse gods or to give good crops. Often the blot involved a blood-sacrifice and the participants would paint themselves with it. Today, Bivrost honour their Viking ancestors with this Arctic Herbal Liqueur, made from local botanicals – grown far north of the Polar circle. May it give you good health and a bountiful year. No animals or humans were harmed or sacrificed in the making of this blot.

A floral nose with hints of meadowsweet, followed by a bittersweet and rounded herbal taste on the palate. The finish is warm and sikly.

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