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Belsazar Red Vermouth 75cl 18% ABV

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Belsazar Red Vermouth

A bottle of Belsazar Red Vermouth made using wines made in the Baden region of Germany, fortified with fruit eau de vie from legendary producer Schladerer, and flavoured with herbs including wormwood.

Belshazzar Vermouth red impresses with warm notes of vanilla, candied orange and dark chocolate; mace, cinnamon and a hint of clove set new accents. The toasty-rich sweetness is complemented by a touch of dark caramel, traces of ripe cherries and spice flavours.

The result of absinthe typical, slightly tart finish. An abundance of complex aromas. Vanilla, candied orange, bitter chocolate and spices such as nutmeg, cinnamon and clove combine to leave a sweet impression, offset by a bitter hint of wormwood.

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