Nikka 12 Year Old Whisky 70cl 43% ABV

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A well-balanced blend from Nikka's two distilleries; Yoichi and Mikagiyko, and winner of the Best Japanese Blended Whisky 12 Years and Under in 2015's World Whiskies Awards. This is another top-notch whisky from Nikka. The fruit brings purity and freshness, while the spice and oak add solid depth of flavour.

On the nose it is nice and spicy! Sweet toffee and vanilla, along with cinnamon, nutmeg and a touch of black pepper. Some tropical fruit in there, too.   It is much fruitier on the palate, with notes of green apple and pear, richness in the form of spicy fruit cake and some toffee sweetness from the cask. Sweet spice adds a further dimension.  The clean fruit makes for a refreshing finish, well supported by the soft, sweet spice.

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