Jack Daniels Red Dog Saloon 70cl 43% ABV


After Mr. Jack opened his distillery, he did the next logical thing. Inspired by the bustling saloons and bars of Nashville, he decided that opening a bar in his hometown would be a good way to expand his whiskey business and, more importantly, bring the townsfolk of Lynchburg together. But Mr. Jack didn’t open just one bar, he opened two. The sophisticated White Rabbit Saloon and the more raucous Red Dog Saloon.

125 years ago, the now-infamous Red Dog Saloon became a place folks could gather to enjoy smooth sippin’ whiskey. Prohibition saw the doors swing shut, but the legend of The Red Dog Saloon lives on. The Red Dog Saloon is thought to have sat where the town gazebo is now, but most knowledge surrounding the bar remains speculative at best. Even its name is shrouded in mystery. Did Jack have a dog that was red in colour? Is it a reference to his amber whiskey? There is little written about it, so we may never know more than the stories we hear from the generations before.

In honour of this historical debut, Jack Daniel’s is offering a special edition bottle to commemorate the 125th Anniversary. This limited-edition commemorative bottle measures up at 43% ABV.

The colour is a deep orange amber, in the mouth, Balanced caramel, vanilla and toasted oak.
Medium bodied with creamy clean finish.

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