Krug Grande Cuvee Vintage 1998 Champagne 75cl Gift Box


Krug 1998 offers astonishing purity, precision, elegance and a very long finish. For Krug, a focus on Chardonnay for Krug's 1998 vintage was an obvious choice due to the outstanding personality of Chardonnay grapes of that year. This vintage is known as their Hommage Au Chardonnay as it is only the second Krug vintage, after 1981, where Chardonnay dominates. 

Deep golden in colour announcing the contrast between freshness and maturity. Expressive aromas of bread, hazelnut, dried fruit and orange peel continue onto the palate with a soft and creamy texture. This vintage has astonishing purity, precision and length and, along with Krug's other cuvees, has made Krug the world's best-rated Champagne for years. 

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