Krug Grande Cuvee Vintage 1988 Champagne 75cl Gift Box


Krug 1988 is an exquisite Champagne of extreme elegance and refinement. It is the story of a year without excesses that created the conditions for a slow maturation resulting in a perfect balance of freshness and fruit. Krug 1988 will take a while to emerge as a Krug Collection and will always be a timeless, impressive Champagne. Krug 1988 is a treasure trove of emblematic savoir-faire from the house of Krug. With 1988 being such a particular year, the creation of this vintage was obvious. It is a blend of refined and promising wines with a solid structure, high acidity, extreme elegance and a sharp finish.

Full flavours of orange blossom, dried figs, cinnamon and ginger create a crystal finish and a lingering palate. The first of the Vintage trilogy ('88,'89,'90) will always be a timeless and impressive Champagne. This pairs perfectly with turbot and hollandaise sauce, chicken served with cream sauces or desserts with a base of dried fruits, almonds and hints of vanilla. 

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