Krug Collection 1990 Champagne 75cl Gift Box


Krug Collection 1990 is the time's second revelation of Krug 1990. Kept for over 25 years in the Krug cellars, it has blossomed into its second life. Opulence, creaminess and freshness come together to build a beautiful harmony of elegant and silky character, enhanced by a very long finish. 

A deep, golden tone in colour expressing the sunshine of the year. On the nose, it carries indulgent notes of plum tart, cinnamon and gingerbread. The palate is opulent and creamy with an amazing freshness and lively flavours of brioche, caramelised fruits, apricot, toasted nuts and a hint of honey. 

The perfect accompaniment to a risotto with mushrooms, duck and caramelised turnips. Also pairs perfectly with desserts such as tiramisu, gingerbread or cooked apples topped with toasted almonds. 

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