Edinburgh Gin Range Triple Pack Miniatures Gift Set 3 x 5cl 43% ABV


A great way to sample the original small batch Edinburgh Gin range in this Triple bottle miniatures gift pack.  Presented in an Edinburgh Gin branded gift box.

Containing 1 x 5cl of each of the following:

Edinburgh Gin 5cl: A classic, juniper-forward London Dry style gin. Amongst the recipe’s thirteen botanicals is a nod to Scotland, with native cobnuts and black mulberry. This is a refined, crisp gin with a distinctively smooth finish. Clean and fresh on the nose, whilst the palate offers juniper, pine and lavender. Bright citrus gives away to a soft, round finish.  Try it in Edinburgh Gin’s perfect serve with premium tonic water and an orange twist to garnish, or in a variety of classic cocktails such as Martinis, Negronis, and Gimlets.

Seaside Gin 5cl: Inspired by the East Coast shoreline near Edinburgh, this was the first of Edinburgh Gin’s collaborations with Heriot-Watt University’s Brewing & Distilling MSC.  Its shoreline botanicals including ground ivy, bladderwrack and scurvygrass contribute to a spirit with distinctive minerality. This is a finely balanced gin with a fresh sweetness on the nose, soft salinity and herbaceous notes on the palate, and a clean finish. Seaside Gin is at home in a crisp G&T, a briny Seaside Martini with olives and anchovy garnish and a variety of classic cocktails.

Cannonball Gin 5cl: The recipe for this 100% proof, Navy Strength gin has been inspired by Edinburgh’s rich maritime and naval heritage and the famous One O’clock Gun.  With double the juniper content of the classic gin, this is a striking spirit, characterised by bold juniper and warming Oriental spice from Szechuan peppercorns. Lemon zest and orange balance the spicy notes for a zesty finish. Great in a variety of drinks, from G&Ts with extra verve to intense, punchy Martinis and Negronis. Lemon peel is the perfect garnish to complement the gin’s citrus profile. 

Edinburgh Gin is batch distilled in 'Jenny', a much treasured Scottish copper pot still, using traditional gin botanicals. Added extra Scottish Juniper as well as heather, pine and milk thistle.

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