Drinks by the Dram Spirit & Liqueur Crackers (2018 edition) 6 x 3cl


Christmas Crackers with Spirits and Liqueurs in them! Win Christmas and be the ultimate host with these Spirit-filled delights.

Be gone, rubbish whistles and tiny decks of cards – these crackers will delight juniper fans the world over. Instead of a tacky plastic gift, inside these beauties lies a 30ml dram of different Spirit! Each cracker contains a different expression, ensuring there’s plenty of botanical variance around the Christmas dining table. Enjoy!

Bonus: Those geniuses at Drinks by the Dram may have reinvented the cracker concept, but they have still kept the jolly party hats and rubbish jokes.

Contents (if you want to ruin the surprise):

Craggamore 12YO Whisky

Ableforth's Rumbullion Rum

CitroLond Dry Gin

Evan Williams Bourbon

Ableforth's Cherry Brandy

Maxime Trijol VSOP Cognac

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