Cockburns Miniature Port 5cl and Dominoes Gift 20% ABV

Miniature 5cl bottle of Cockburns special reserve port with a quality dominoes set in a wooden case. (Outer box is cardboard.) This special reserve port was created in 1969. The finest and most flawless grapes are selected from the Cockburn vineyards at Quinta dos Canais to be trodden, stored in wood barrels and bottled after it reaches perfection Cockburn�s special reserve port has been praised with 6 silver medals in the last three years by some of the highest regarded port experts in the world. Cockburn's Special Reserve was originally introduced in 1969 as the first great Reserve Port and since that time its famous fruity and full-bodied quality, combined with a fine dry finish, has been the benchmark for all Reserve Ports. The perfect gift for any port lover.

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