Fonseca Finest Reserve Port 75cl - Waterloo Edition 20% ABV

Deep, youthful and ruby in colour. Intense rich fruity nose crammed with pure blackberry, cassis, cherry and plum aromas interwoven with notes of spice. This bottle is ready to drink and can be served by the glass directly from the bottle. Blended for consistency of character and quintessentially Fonseca in style, the reserve blend provides reliable and affordable value. In 2015 Fonseca commemorated the bicentenary of Fonseca and also of the final dramatic engagement of the Napoleonic Wars, the Battle of Waterloo. By the time Fonseca began trading on 8th April, 1815, Napoloean's forces has been driven from the Iberian Peninsula. On 18th June, 1815, the Wars finally ended with the defeat at Waterloo of Napoleon's Grande Armee by the Prussian army and Anglo-Dutch forces led by the Duke of Wellington. This robust full-bodied Reserve Port celebrates the 200th anniversary of the victory of the House of Fonseca.

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