Unicorn Tears Gin Black Liqueur 50cl

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A dark and deviant cocktail ingredient.

May or may not be made from the tears of battery-farmed Unicorns....

Unicorn Tears Gin is a mythical spirit made from the tears of humanely raised Unicorns. Juniper-driven and citrusy on the nose, the palate is luscious and flavoursome with an indulgent sweetness and flavours of candied orange, herbs and spice.

But why did this Limited Edition batch of Unicorn Tears turn out black? 

Is it the time of year? A reflection of the sorry state of the world? Or is it just their very poor diet and cramped living conditions? Who can say? 

What we do know is – this dark and mysterious gin still possesses the same sweet flavour as the original batch of Unicorn Tears Gin, only it's now been blessed with a mesmeric and shimmery black appearance. 

Get yourself a bottle before they start weeping the 'usual' stuff again.

To unleash the Gin's powers: Swirl the bottle. Behold its shimmering majesty. Consume the magic.

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