Bathtub Christmas Mulled Cup Liqueur 50cl 25.8% ABV


The folk at Ableforth's love Christmas almost as much as creating crazily delicious drinks and now they've combined the two by creating the Christmas Mulled Cup!

We all know that making the perfect Mulled Wine for your guests is fraught with problems - frankly, it's a Christmas minefield! Knackered or unbalanced spices, suspect citrus notes and the inevitability that you'll serve your most discerning guest the glass with the big clump of nutmeg you couldn't filter out! Gah! The problem is, it's the ultimate festive tipple so we have to give it a go, don't we? If only there was a foolproof, delicious solution...

But wait, what was that about a Christmas Mulled Cup again? Produced with an expertly blended mix of VSOP Cognac, Fine Vintage Port and tinctures made from fantastic festive spices, along with cold-distilled orange and lemon peels and a surfeit of cold-distilled fresh root ginger, you say? Why, that sounds like the perfect solution for all the carolers, bell-ringers and magical gift-givers!

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