J.J. Corry The Gael Irish Whiskey 50cl 46% ABV

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J.J Corry was a renowned Whiskey bonder on the West Coast of Ireland and after making his Whiskies at a distillery, he would then bring them home to mature before serving them in his grocery store to the locals. The Gael is actually named after a bicycle that J.J. Corry invented in the 1890s!

A blend of 5% 26 Year Old Single Malt, 27.5% 15 Year Old Single Malt, 27.5% 11 Year Old Single Malt and 40% 7 Year Old Grain created on the J.J. Corry family farm in County Clare on the West Coast of Ireland. 

To create this, they source the rarest Irish casks which are blended to create a unique Whiskey. It is a classic Irish Whiskey with whitestone fruit and lime flavours with great minerality and a hint of pink peppercorns. 

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