Monteru Sauternes Cask Finish Brandy 70cl 40.8% ABV


Monteru Brandy finished in Rare Cask Sauternes was matured first in carefully selected French oak before being further aged in ex-Sauternes casks (each capacity of 225 liters). Monteru have sourced these Sauternes casks selectively in the South of the Bordeaux region. The fine grain French oak conveys great aromas and flavors to the Monteru Rare Cask Finish Brandy, and the ex-Sauternes casks more stone fruits like aromas.

This Brandy, which is packed with apricots, boasts an elegant pale yellow color. At first, the nose reveals notes of honey and yellow flowers, followed by comforting aromas of freshly toasted bread and apricots. The mouth is delicate and silky, revealing flavors of dried tropical fruit. The finish reveals subtle notes of nuts, dried fruit and baked apricot tart.

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