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Have A Cassis This Christmas

Have A Cassis This Christmas

In the heart of Herefordshire lies one of the countryside’s most beautiful settings and it is home to one of Hereford’s most delicious creations. Whittern Farm is renowned for its outstandingly flavoursome blackcurrants and is one of the few trusted farms to grow these little currants for Ribena alongside delicious apples for Hereford’s own, Bulmer’s Cider.

With this to be proud of, the folks at Whittern Farm created their very first batch of Cassis in 2005 which then snowballed at a rapid pace winning awards left, right and centre and within 3 years, they’d bagged themselves a contract with no other than Fortnum & Mason.

In 2015, Jo Hilditch – the current guardian of the farm – turned down an investment deal with BBC Dragon’s Den. Some of you may remember this, but the most memorable part is the stylish and innovative new branding that followed this and the ever-growing, well-deserved recognition that this fantastic liqueur has received ever since.

British Cassis captures the fresh and intense fruit flavour of the blackcurrants and at first, is a sweet delight followed by a sharp after-kick that really makes you feel like you are stood at Whittern Farm munching on the currants straight from the stem…with a hint of alcohol!

This unique and artisan liqueur is favoured fondly here at the Secret Bottle Shop and, with all the amazing produce created in Hereford, this is certainly no exception. The tipple is extremely versatile, acting as a perfect aperitif over some ice, delicious in a cold glass of fizzing champagne or prosecco, decadent in cocktails or warm and soothing as an after dinner treat when you chill out and let your food go down before you tuck into the left overs.

We have had an incredibly busy and successful Christmas period this year and we know we will be the first to kick back and relax with a glass of this come the 25th. We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year and whether you’re enjoying it with family, friends, partners or yourself… why not enjoy it with Cassis?

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